Monday, July 28, 2008

Fiesta Days Baby Contest

Jessica and I put Ryder and Alivia in the Fiesta Days Baby Contest. I decided that I would make Ryder a baseball outfit because the theme was Celebrating Traditions. I ended up making the shirt. I am not good at sewing at all. In fact I had to call one of the Young Women over to help me thread my machine. I purchased some fabric and went to work. I had a little baseball shirt that I was using as a pattern. I just laid it on top of the fabric and then cut around it, Grinch style. I unpicked an old cheer jacket for the SF, then I wonder undered number 10 on the back. I sewed it all up and this is what we got. It was kind of a disaster, but it looked okay when I got the rest of the outfit on him. It was kind of fun to do it all on my own, but I think I'll ask for help next time.

Ryder's new Nikes. He loves them! He usually only likes his crocs, but now he'll wear these. It is a good thing because it is going to get cold soon and crocs won't cut it for the winter.

Ryder's picture at the contest. He didn't win the contest, but I had a good time making his costume. He pulls this face a lot lately. We think its really funny.

Alivia won the baby contest for her age group! She was so cute carrying her bag of prizes. This is her in the park right after she got her medal. She is beautiful!

This is Aliva on the night of the contest. She looks so darling. We tried to get her to do all of these poses and smile, but I couldn't get the picture taken fast enough before she would move. What a doll!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Seven Peaks

This summer a bunch of my friends got season passes to Seven Peaks. It has been a lot of fun. We try to go about once a week. Some weeks we go more. Ryder has learned to love the water. The first time I took him, he was kind of a boob. Now he is a crazy man in the water. It worries me a little because he is so comfortable, but hopefully some good swim lessons will do the trick. I haven't taken any pictures of my friends at 7 Peaks. I don't usually bring my camera and also I don't think most of them want to be on my blog in their swimsuit.
Evelyn, Madi and Kamilla have been visiting for the month of July. We have been able to do some fun stuff with them. This is Evelyn and Kamilla. I got to take Evelyn to the doctor for an ultrasound. It was so cool and the baby is definitely a boy. Yay!

Cliff and Lynda

Madi and Emily

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

My Mom's birthday was on July 20th. I really don't know exactly how old she is. I could figure it out, but I'll just say she is still pretty young. She is my favorite shopping partner. She helps me with everything. She is always offering to tend Ryder even though he is going through a bratty fit throwing stage. (At least we hope it is a stage.) My Mom is an example to me of the right way to live and treat people. I am thankful to have such a wonderful Mom. Happy Birthday!!

Kylee's birthday is on July 22nd. She is going to be a Senior in high school this year, which is really weird to me. She is so talented. She is an amazing softball player and and even more amazing person. She always does the right thing. I always think it is kind of funny because she is the youngest and could probably get away with anything. Ryder loves her. He gets so excited when he sees her.
My Grandma Bufton had been talking about going to Kit Kittridge because she was about Kit's age during the time of the movie. I took my Mom, Grandma and Kylee last week. It was a cute movie. Here we are outside the theater.

Emily's birthday is the same day as my Mom. Emily is such a great sister-in-law. We love her! She seriously helps with the kids all the time. She is so good to do anything for them. She is for sure their favorite! This is her with all of them at the family reunion. Happy Birthday Em!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hogle Zoo!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Powell Family Reunion

Just a few weeks ago, we went to a family reunion in Teasdale with Lynda's family. It was such a pretty place. We stayed in cabins and just hung out with family. It was fun to see everyone. It was supposed to be two nights, but Ryder wouldn't sleep. We stayed in a cabin with Brad's Mom and Dad. It doesn't have bedrooms so we just had Ryder's port-a-crib in the room with us. He was so stubborn. He screamed and fought to go to sleep until 3:30 AM. We finally took him on a ride at 3:30 and then we slept in the car for an hour to make sure he was really asleep. We felt bad because we kept Brad's parents up too. (And I think they were already really tired!) Brad's Aunt Andrea took our family picture in the morning. It was a really pretty morning, but windy. I don't think Ryder cracked a smile the whole time. He was tired from his fit the night before and not very cooperative. Here are some of the pictures. Some of them turned out really cute.

This picture was taken toward the end. Ryder had just head butted Brad, and was beyond upset. We left shortly after pictures and Ryder slept almost the whole way home!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July!

Ryder didn't know what to think about the fireworks. Some of the neighbor kids came over and we lit a few small fireworks. I think Ryder mostly liked hanging out with the big kids.
Ryder and Alivia in their red, white and blue!
Shannon, Chrissi, Cassie, Anika and Jessica

Girls Night Out!

Girls night out is the best idea. I don't know why we didn't start it sooner. We just get a bunch of girls together. Seriously anyone can come! The only rules are no kids and no husbands. We decided that we didn't want to do a club where we always have to go to someone's home. We try to get out and do something different every month. We went to a movie in May. We went to dinner at Red Robin in June. We have so much fun when we are together. We had a slumber party at the cabin for July. It was really fun to just eat junk and talk. We stayed up so late. I was shocked that I made it that long!