Sunday, April 19, 2009


I guess it has been a while since I updated our blog. A lot happens in four months! First of all, we are expecting another baby September 3rd and we just found out that it's a boy! We are really excited to have another boy. Ryder will have a little brother to keep him company. I am hoping that they can entertain each other. I hear that works out real well. Also we have moved! A little over a month ago Brad asked if I would mind if he put our house up for sale. I said that I didn't care because I really didn't think anything would happen. Then 8 days later, someone bought our house. I was shocked and a little upset at first, but I feel good about it now. We are building a house this summer pretty close to where our old house was. We are staying in the Hales' basement while we build. We took this picture on moving day after we cleaned out the house. I was kind of sad to leave, but I am excited about our new house.

Easter Fun!

Ryder is really into construction trucks right now. He knows all the names of the trucks and their function. The Easter Bunny brought him some trucks and truck books. He was loving it!

We tried to get a picture of Ryder in his Easter outfit, but he wasn't really interested. We probably should have tried before church instead of after.

Hunting Easter Eggs!

We went to the Salem City Easter Egg Hunt this year. It rained, but Ryder didn't seem to mind. It was short and sweet!

Ryder got a new helmet for the four wheeler. He wasn't real excited about it at first, but he finally figured out that he had to wear it to go for a ride. Now he can ride around safely and legally!

Girls Trip!

I got to go to California with Cassie and McKenzie to watch their cheer competition. The girls did an awesome job and we had a great time. This is my favorite picture from the trip! Cassie got her face painted at Knott's Berry Farm! Magical, right?

At the competition with McKenzie and Cassie. We spent some time walking around the sponsor booths collecting free samples! Good stuff!

We went to Disneyland for a couple of days. I got to go on a few rides, but it was a busy weekend there. This is Soarin' Over California, Me, Aubrey, Cassie and McKenzie.