Monday, October 27, 2008


Costume update! So Ryder's monkey costume came in the mail. It is really cute, except for one of the ears was sewn on backwards. If you look closely, no swirly on one ear. Luckily I was able to unpick it. Now I just have to sew it back together. Good luck to me. That should be a problem all by itself...

You can see that Ryder really loves the monkey costume. He feels the same way about any hat. He will most likely be a monkey body with no head this year.

We went to the Pumpkin patch at the Big Red Barn with Cass, Candice, Jess and their families. It was fun except by the time we got out to the actual patch, it was dark. Next year I will go earlier. We tried to get a picture of all the kids. None of them were having it...

Alivia and Brighton the two headed ghost. At least they were sharing. So cute!

Ryder is really into tractors and big trucks right now. He was loving the old tractor.

Our family at the pumpkin patch!

Ryder got invited to my Aunt Deann's annual Halloween party. Thanks Deann! He had a good time. Mostly playing in the water and running around. He was a little young still for some of the games. He did play hot potato, but he cried when he got out. I don't think he knew he was out, but everyone yelled, "Oh!" and it scared him. It was fun to see all the cousins in their costumes.

Ryder and Kylee. Ryder had to be a baseball player because the monkey was too hot.

Ryder spent a good amount of time standing by this tree. I think he thought he was hiding.

We went to Witches Night Out at Gardner village. We dressed up and had a lot of fun. This is Jessica cackling for coupons. I don't think we actually used the coupons.

Summer cackling for coupons.

The witches at Gardner Village.

We have had lots of girl's nights this month. For one of them we went to Thriller. It was so fun. They had these young zombie girls following you and trying to scare you before and after the show. The sad thing was, I was a little scared... I did jump a few times.

Sorry about the long post.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Future Fireman

We took Ryder to the SFFD to see all the big trucks. He has been really into trucks lately. His favorite part was following this little dog in the mini truck. It talked and played music. He loved it!

He wasn't so sure about the Sparky, but he did give him a high five.

Cassie's mom hooked Ryder up with some sweet firefighter stuff. Thanks Laurie!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Costume Drama!

Strike 1! I thought that Ryder should be a cow for Halloween because "moo" was the only animal sound he knew. I ordered the costume and this is what we got. The size was toddler 1-2. It was so tight. He actually looked really funny in it, but he could barely stand up straight because it was so tight. The arms ride up and even the hood is tight. We decided to send it back to the farm!

Strike 2! April taught Ryder the horse sound so that was choice number 2. Ryder is loving horses right now, but this costume didn't work out so much either. Again really funny, but not worthy of Halloween. Cassie taught Ryder the monkey, so that is what we decided on. The costume is still in the mail so hopefully we don't strike out!