Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heroes and Aquarium

The Aquarium is so fun! We bought a year pass so I am really excited to go back. It was hard to see everything because it was really busy the day we went. We still had such a fun time!

Ryder and Makenna were not interested in taking pictures! There is a giant snake behind us!

Rafe was so good. He loved watching everything from the stroller. This was the only time he got out and he was loving it. The penguins were so cute!

Kylee is on the SLCC softball team and she does a Heroes assembly for the local elementary schools. She did such a good job and she was so cute with the kids.

Introducing the Heroes!

Ryder loves Aunt Kylee!


Denise said...

Your such a good sister to support Kylee! And a fabulous daughter also. We love you!

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you update your blog! I miss seeing you guys! Can't believe how big your boys are getting! Rafe is adorable!

Bonnie said...

Your boys are getting so big! Rafe is so sweet!

Bonnie said...

I would love it, if you would send me pictures of your house. Anything that you really like that you guys did, but especially the kitchen desk, mud room and island because I'm not sure how I want to do those areas yet. That would be so great, I just can't decide what to do! My e-mail address is Thanks so much I really appreciate it!

Jesicca said...

Your boys are sooo yummy!

Katie said...

Your boys are so cute! It looks like you guys had a great time!